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Phenotype matching via transcritptional signatures.


Total expression deconvolution via clustering.

Kallisto/Salmon RNA-seq quantification pipeline

Practical considerations concerning the use of new generation super-fast RNA-seq quantifiers.

Whole-exome sequencing analysis and variant calling

Complete description of our pipeline for whole exome sequencing.

Useful scripts collection

Random scripts and code snippets.

Pipelines and How-to's

Setting up a Unix workstation for a bioinformatician

No soup for you.

Being effective when using R

R does suck, but you can make it suck less.

How to process a ChIP-seq experiment

Brief description of ChIP-seq processing for beginners.

How to analyze RNA-seq expression experiment

Brief description of RNA-seq processing for beginners.

How to analyze microarray expression experiment

Brief description of microarray processing for beginners.

De novo transcriptome assembly and annotation

Notes and tools to use when doing de novo transcriptome assembly.

Random notes

The title says it all, doesn't it?



Various useful applications of bedtools.

UCSC tools

Using old-school genomic tools. Because ain't no school is like the Old School.


Some tools are better than other tools.


Using STAR for all things and applications.

Bowtie and bowtie2

Using Bowtie, if you absolutely must.